Medium App Bugs 🐞 (RTB)

Abhinav Yadav
3 min readJan 19, 2022



Update March 24th, 2022:

Editing from Native apps is not allowed anymore. Personally I don’t like this decision. I am hoping it is a technical decision that can be fixed soon and not a corporate decision, that will against Medium’s mission.

Updates Prior to March 24th, 2022:

Medium has been a great place for writing and its user interface is a lot better than other editors. But I have noticed some differences between the Web & Mobile app.

This is a running list of those bugs/ inconveniences/ usability issues. Caveats and system details are listed at the end*. So, try this out for yourself, hoping to keep this list up to date. (Medium, Medium Staff, Medium Engineering, Medium Support)

Medium App Issues 📱

  • “Cut” option doesn’t actually work ✂️. Usually when I cut something, I expect it to remember that change. So when I select Paste, it should put back what I had Cut. Similar to a “Copy” then “Paste” option. Not the case here. I now always Copy first, then Paste in a new location, and then Delete the part I wanted to originally move.
  • Every letter gets CAPITALIZED when editing. For some reason the editor thinks every character is on a new line. This is very annoying and I have not faced this issue on other apps. I had to switch off capitalization from iPhone settings.
  • Adding a link to Image description does not work 🔗. If I highlight a word in a normal paragraph, I get an option to Bold, Italic or Link highlighted text. Those same options don’t appear when I highlight something on image description. I had to make edits from my laptop.
  • There doesn’t seem to be an Undo option ✏️. Anyone editing anywhere needs an Undo option. On iPhone, it’s usually shaking your phone and getting a prompt to Undo. Found no solution for this.
  • Large gaps appear while scrolling in Edit mode 😱. This has worried me momentarily as it looks like large chunks of paragraphs are missing. In reality, due to rendering or bandwidth issues, those sections take time to show up. Usually happens when you move to another app and come back to Medium. Just wait and don’t scroll too fast.
  • You can’t look at who has clapped on your story. On the website, you can click the 👏 icon and it will tell who all have clapped on your story. Not the case on the iPhone app. This is NOT a bug, more of an inconvenience.

System configuration — Jan’22

  • iPhone 12 Pro Max
  • iOS version 15
  • Medium version 4.61.99055


  • These might be differences that I consider as issues, but others might not.
  • There might be differences in how I am using the app vs others.
  • I am not getting compensated for this. Hope it helps fellow writers!

P.S. Please leave a comment if you have noticed these issues as well & add anything not listed here 👇



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